Friday, April 13, 2007


Wow... I have another birthday already... and this past month was much different than the first. I am so full of smiles - especially when people are talking to me. These big things on the ceiling really fascinate me - especially when they are going round and round. I just talk and talk to the fan, to my bunny, to anyone or anything that will listen. I am also really gaining control of this head. I hold it up straight and am able to look all around. My mommy loves to put me on my tummy, but I usually just lay there and talk to her. She keeps trying to show me how to roll over - I haven't figured it out yet so I just let her do it for me.

My brothers love to sing to me and give me lots of kisses - I usually try to bite their nose. Jon and I came up with this game where I pat his head and I just laugh. My legs are so strong - I try to stand up when someone holds me. At my last doctor appointment I weighed 12 pounds 7.5 ounces and was 23 inches long - that was several weeks ago... I have another appointment on Monday and my brothers keep telling me that these shots don't hurt. I'm sure they will take care of me. My legs are so long I am already wearing 6-9 month sleepers.

My mommy and daddy took me to a train park. My brothers had a great time. I enjoyed riding on the little train but slept the rest of the time. I enjoy being outside - the warmth usually puts me right to sleep - until I get hungry again.

I celebrated my first Easter and it was so much fun watching my brothers color eggs and play all sorts of Easter games. I even had some family come out - Gramma, Papa, Uncle Brian, and Bridget. They all oohed and awed all over me - it was great. The day after Easter we went to church again and the priest poured water over my head and now they call me Uncle a godfather... he is so special. I really hated to see all of them go.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You are just so cute little Christopher! You are doing so well...and you are a much better speller than you father...

jay_say said...

He must get that from his mother... :-) Was wondering if anyone was even reading this... :-P