Friday, May 25, 2007


SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER... SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER! The song fits perfectly right now and that's how I feel. I feel so exhausted yet so excited that I don't have to go back to work on Tuesday. This year's class totally wore me out. I had so many "interesting" things happen to me this year - I don't know if I could take anymore.

I have next week off then I am taking a class through the community college - one I need for my recertification.

Besides that... I am really going to focus on exercising this summer. Javamom has really inspired me... if she can challenge her physical therapist, then there is hope for me... Thanks Javamom...


J~Mom said...

Yay for summer!! Gosh how I remember that feeling! What class are you taking? I am actually doing the same thing but this fall! I have to get my ELL endorsement before I renew my certificate. are so sweet to say that! What do you like to do for exercise? I need a long distance bike buddy. :>) Can't wait to hear what you decide to work on.

J~Mom said...

The ELL class is for my SEI endorsement. I get all the acronymns mixed up. Too bad I can't hop up there and take that class with you. :>) I am hoping to renew and then be back to teaching in two years when my little guy hits Kindergarten. Then I can buy all kinds of workout toys. LOL