Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well... it has been a very busy week... teachers started back to school last Monday and we welcomed the new class into our classrooms on Thursday. I am really focusing on starting the year off organized and feel I have done a really good job of it in my classroom so far. My other focus is being proactive... that is the main goal... I always seem to have some issue come up each year so this year I'm trying to stay ahead of things. The sixth grade team has been working together for two years now so we have a good idea of what works. We are really good about working together and have a great discipline plan that is the same in all three classrooms (since we switch classes). My Social Studies curriculum was new last year so I didn't have too much time with trying "new" things. This year I will change it a bit since there is so much more I have to cover. I would like to try to make ancient civilizations a bit more fun and interesting to all students.

Lots of professional goals but I still have my personal goals... KEEP GETTING IN SHAPE! I at least lost almost all the weight I gained back from vacation. The cleaning and repainting at the old house really helped me sweat it out. Getting back to work has been a struggle but once things settle down, I want to fit some exercising back into the schedule. Thanks for all the support!


J~mom said...

Sorry your summer break is over! Sounds like you have some good goals for this coming year! I have a professional question for you...I cannot find anything for my 10 year old (5th grader) to read. He reads almost a book a night and actually whines at me when he has nothing to read. At the same time though he is particular about what holds his interest. He loves Harry Potter...most sci-fi type of stuff. He has read the Series of Unfortunate Events, Harry Potter, Hardy Boys, most of the classics (junior versions), Lord of the Rings (don't ask that was DH's idea). Any book suggestions? I asked his teacher this year and she seemed stumped so far. It's hard to find stuff that holds his interest and yet is not too adult. Anyway, just thought I would pick your brain...

Can't wait to hear how your running goes the next few months! Keep at it!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

As always, I'm amazed how you can juggle our kids and then everyone else's kids and not kill anyone.

Love you.