Sunday, October 7, 2007


I can't believe it is October already... boy does time fly. Grades were due this past Friday which means end of the 1st quarter. Chris hasn't been sleeping that well since he was fighting a cold this past week and I think he top gums are bothering him, but no tooth yet. Anyways... when he doesn't sleep, I don't sleep. Which now means that my body is fighting the cold. Jon and Matt have been helping me decorate for Halloween and it looks good. We have to keep in mind what is close to baby range since Chris is now crawling and very curious about everything. Here are some cute pics we took this morning:


J~mom said...

Happy October!! I used to love teaching in the 2nd quarter, everything just flew by!

The boys look adorable!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I'm thinking we should put a tv in his room since it seems to be the only thing that settles him down every time.