Tuesday, November 13, 2007


IT'S ME AGAIN! I know this is a day late but I have had a really busy month. I have perfected this crawling thing. I move really fast from one side of the house to the other. I have been pulling myself up on EVERYTHING! I see everyone else standing and am trying to figure out how to do it on my own. I am even working on this walking thing too... but I have to have something to hold on to. LOOK OUT WORLD HERE I COME!

We went as a family to the Wildlife World Zoo. The animals didn't interest me as much as what my brothers were doing. I love to watch them and try to do things just like them.

Their toys just fascinate me. I try to investigate everything that they have played with. There are certain things though that they won't let me know. Guess they've talked to mommy because she won't let me touch everything either. But I get her back - her refrigerator will never be clean for long periods of time. She cleaned the front of it yesterday and I came right up behind her and put my handprints all over it again. :-)

Oh and Halloween was so exciting. I loved going around the neighborhood with the boys. But I got tired of just riding in the stroller so I got cranky and wanted to be held. This way I walked up to all front doors with Jon and Matt... till I fell asleep in Daddy's arms...

I even had my first haircut. I was always being called a girl when we would go places. I guess people just assumed since I have two older brothers. I just don't understand it... I always wear boy clothes and trust me... I act all boy!
Anyways... here are some pics of me and all I'm getting into... till next month! Chris :-)


DawnB said...

beautiful!! They are adorable!!

J~mom said...

Look at those wonderful pictures!!! Happy 9 months Christopher!! GULP, does that mean 1 year is next? I get all teary at the big milestones. ;>P