Sunday, January 13, 2008


GUESS WHO... me again. It has been such a wonderful month with lots of things going on. First and most important was Santa! He came to my house... and boy did he think we were good boys this year. I had so much fun pulling the bows off all the presents. Then I started to get interested in finding out what was inside. I got one of these musical tables. I think my brothers actually play it more than I do... but I like to play it with them.
I have this crawling thing figured out and get along real fast so far, but I want to do what everyone else is doing. So on Saturday, December 29th, I started walking - sideways - but it was still movement on my feet. I like it so much that I continue to try and today I walk more than I crawl. I like to walk circles around the island in the kitchen. Makes mommy and daddy dizzy, but boy is it fun. Now that I can walk, my brothers are trying to do more things with me. I love to try to do everything that they do. Jon and Matt were drying the dishes this morning so when they were done, I grabbed the towels to help too.
Mommy is including a picture of me with my new "smile". You can see my two top teeth. Mommy asked Santa for my two front teeth and I got them both over the holidays! Now I'm up to six teeth.
Well... preparations are underway for a big ONE YEAR BASH! I'm so excited. Mommy tells me that I get to eat cake. I wonder what this tastes like. I really like cheerios, Kix, crackers, even Macaroni and cheese. I love to try to eat whatever is on my brothers' plates. It's fun to try new things. Well... I have lego towers to destroy... till next month!


Marathoner in Training said...

Christopher you only got 1 month left till you are a big 1 year old. As for running around the Island in the kitchen and making daddy dizzy is not too hard to do. He gets that way sometimes. ;)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Eric, what are you talking about...I'm pretty dizzy ALL of the time... or is that "ditsy?" Whatever.

J~mom said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Christopher!! You are growing so fast and as cute as ever!