Sunday, February 24, 2008


Ok... with this whole weight loss thing - I have been so overwhelmed. I would feel like I would never see the end and would then gorge on something since I felt like I could never succeed. I know... not the right thing to do. But I think I've figured out something that will help me. Instead of a weight goal of losing five pounds, I need to take it smaller than that. I need to take it a week at a time. So after tears this afternoon and talking to Chad about it, he suggested setting up a schedule of what I would like to do each evening. Sounds good - so here's a shot at success:

SUNDAY - Denise Austin Cardio Dance & Sculpt
MONDAY - Treadmill
TUESDAY - Pilates Crunch
WEDNESDAY - Treadmill
THURSDAY - Denise Austin Kickboxing

I will keep track of what I accomplish and will post again, hopefully with a success story.


Marathoner in Training said...

You can do it. I am proud of you for taking the steps to improve your overall fitness level. Did you want to run the marathon with me?

J~Mom said...

It can me so overwhelming. This is not easy but we can do it!! Try to think of it like drops in a bucket. Each time you add one drop you are closer to filling the bucket. It will take time and persistence to get the bucket full but you know that eventually it will fill. If you miss a drop don't try to make it up just add another one the next day. You can do it!!