Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Sorry so long between posts... life has been busy. I wanted to post my workouts for the past week...

Sunday 10/19 one hour w/ trainer - circuit training
Tuesday 10/21 cross country team - walk
Thursday 10/23 walk around neighborhood with Lori
Friday 10/24 cross country team - walk along trail
Saturday 10/25 water aerobics at Lifetime Fitness
Sunday 10/26 one hour w/ trainer - however cancelled so worked out with hubby

I was pretty sore after Sunday so I rested on Monday. Then Tuesday afternoon, I had a parent meeting that ran late so I missed cross country practice. I am planning on doing the treadmill tonight.

I am starting to get that feeling of being overwhelmed again. Last weekend was really busy so I didn't get the laundry done or all my usual cleaning. So this week I feel behind. I also have grades that I haven't corrected from last week. With Friday being Halloween, I wanted to have the boys make little candy holders for their teachers... haven't done that yet... will try to get some of it done tonight. I came home today and while I was eating, I was also standing doing the dishes. The boys helped me by emptying the dishwasher and now I've loaded it again.

At daycare today, the teachers talked to me about Chris's behavior. Apparently he has been hitting other children so they are going to be putting him into the two year room. But while I was standing there waiting to leave, two other little kids were pushing Jon around. So I made sure I brought that up that apparently it isn't just Chris. So we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

I have to share a pic I took of Chris hugging Jon... it was so cute... it started as just a hug but Jon ended up falling over... LOL!


i suck at sewing said...

your blog title could be me! what a nice honest blog. i have three girls and often lose sight of myself in all the demands of teaching plus being a mother, wife and house keeper. my blog is a nice way to keep a bit of ME alive. well done with the training keep going. xx rosey

yan said...
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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You are doing awesome! Don't worry about the house - we will get that taken care of this weekend.