Monday, November 10, 2008


Good morning everyone. Just wanted to check in to wish you all a happy week. I have tomorrow off from school so I am planning on attending water aerobics at the gym... :-)

I've been thinking about you all and am going to make a greater effort to keep you updated on things. My fitness has been going well. Pounds really haven't been coming off but I am seeing difference in my butt line in my abs and my pants are fitting better (I can actually fit into that size 16 again).

Boys have been doing well. I still wish Chris's two year molars would start popping through. There are times he is so cranky. We have had the start of the language explosion this week. Day care placed him in the two year room and it has had great affects. Just in the last week, I've heard him counting to five, and say some new words - daddy, cookie, co (cold), and ba (bad). All the different sounds that he has been mimicking are becoming more pronounced.

More later...


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Your exercise is going really well. Keep it up!

Chris really is starting to make a lot of words.

J~Mom said...

YAY for 16s! I have lost very little weight for all the changes in my body..if that makes sense. As fat converts to muscle the scale won't always reflect it! Keep it up!

teacherwoman said...

So, I heard you had a good run with the track team! That's awesome!

I hope water aerobics went well today.