Sunday, December 7, 2008


I know I made a promise to post more often but again life got in the way. Let's see since Thanksgiving day, we have totally cleaned out the garage - Chad took a ton of stuff over to Goodwill to donate. We will the garbage can and recycle can with stuff. Then we had to clean and organize in the office since of course stuff came in...

The house is now decorated and I will be posted some pics this week of that.

Chris is now in a toddler bed as you see here. The very first night was rough but after that he has done a great job. I have kept the same bedtime routine so he knows what to expect and doesn't try to just follow me out of the room (he did that the second night, but I nipped that right away).

We went to Walmart today and the boys had their picture taken with Santa. He was over a half an hour late arriving... so mom and dad were getting annoyed. Up until today, boys kept saying they were still thinking about what to ask Santa for Christmas. Well today they finally decided... we'll see if Santa can fullfill their dream... lol.

We also set up the camera and tripod and took some family pics today. They were too bad. Didn't really my face was having a reaction today - guess my rosacea is acting up. But overall, the pic looks good.

Well, off to bed. I lost two pounds this week so that is great news!


teacherwoman said...

The boys are adorable. You have been busy! Nice work on the -2 pounds!

J~Mom said...

You look amazing!!! I can totally see the difference!! Great job! You have such a great looking family!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I love all of those pictures.

Marathoner in Training said...

Great job on your weight also. I sure hope the boys get the puppy they asked for..... :P