Saturday, March 14, 2009


Ok... I haven't fallen off the planet... although sometimes it seems so. Life with three boys has been absolutely wild. I had good intentions on posting more often, yet something came up or I was just addicted too much to facebook.

In the past month, Christopher turned TWO! We had his wellness check at the doctor. We are still watching his right ear as it is still slightly red from the last ear infection in January. If it doesn't clear up, we will have to go to an ear, nose, throat doctor. Been there before as both the twins had tubes (they both failed their hearing tests). Chris is just over thirty pounds (75th percentile) and over three feet tall (95th percentile). He has a ton more words lately (I'll post later all the words he is currently saying). He absolutely loves to follow his older brothers. Whatever they are doing, he wants to as well. Which can be good but also bad.

Other things that have been happening this month:

1. Matt and Jon have joined their first sports team - soccer. They had their first practice this past week - the team choose their name - the Monkeys. It is ironic since this is what I have always called them anyways. We won't have our first game for a couple weeks.

2. About three weeks ago, I was on the webcam talking to my mom with Chris on my lap, when I heard a clank and then scream. It was the type of scream that you knew someone was hurt. I put Chris down and went running. Matt decided to trip Jon and he landed teeth first into the glass coffee table. His two front teeth were pushed slightly back and bleeding. We got him calmed down and the bleeding stopped. I spoke to the oncall dentist as well as a neighbor who is a nurse. I ended up taking Jon to the dentist the next morning and they did x-rays. The root seemed to be fine so it was now just a waiting game. This past Monday, I took Jon back in since he complained of it hurting. The one tooth was starting to discolor and I had concerns. He wasn't eating with it or talking normally anymore (he wouldn't let his tongue touch the back of the front teeth). Anyways... the dentist decided to pull the one that was causing the pain. So we had our first visit from the tooth fairy.

Lots more has happened but I'll save that for the next post! Enjoy!


agmon said...

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teacherwoman said...

The pics are wonderful!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I love the picture of you with all the boys!

J~Mom said...

Great pictures!!

Sheri said...

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Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt
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