Thursday, August 13, 2009

Weird Week...

Okay... I am so glad today is almost over. We did not have any A/C in school today - not good for a 100+ day here in Phoenix - plus with 30 sweaty sixth grade bodies in the room, it got quite warm.

Well, the week started off great with my 13th wedding anniversary to my wonderful husband, Chad. Check out his latest post which was a poem he wrote me as a present.

Hope tomorrow is better than today. We have plans to paint our master bedroom and master bath. I'll post pics of the family Chad did while we were on vacation.

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teacherwoman said...

OMG. No air + 30 6th graders? I can only imagine. I student taught 4th graders in the spring semester and puperty was definitely present. LOL.

Happy Anniversary to you and Chad. I saw the poem he wrote you. What a gentleman.

Hope today goes better for you.