Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Ok... per hubby's request... I am posting a family picture on here... see how cute we all are. One would never believe we had these done at Wal-mart. The girl did an outstanding job. If we were not completely happy with the picture she took, she redid it right then. She had a wonderful disposition with the boys so they started smiling instantly. She made sure they were not afraid of her even before we started.


Phil said...

Welcome to blogging. You've got a great looking family.

jay_say said...

Thanks... guess you recognized Chad in the pic... he's a great husband and plan on keeping him around for quite a while. Since I'm pregnant, I can't very well do any races (even though I don't run yet). I do plan on getting in shape as soon as I recup from surgery.

Thanks for stopping by!

nikkimomof3 said...

Great Pic!