Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sick! Argh!

Ok... I have been fighting the cold season for quite some time now and it finally hit me. I have made sure that my hands were washed frequently - I even cleaned my desks at school at least once a week. But my body could not fight it off anymore... When I arrived home from school last night, I was already getting the scratchy throat. It progressively got worse as the night went on. It seemed to settle more into the chest area. Anytime I laid down in bed, it felt like some big monkey was sitting on my chest. I eventually had to attempt to sleep on the couch in an upright position. It was the only way to relieve some of the pressure. Around 4:30 this morning when Chad woke up to get ready for his track run, I went downstairs and called into our substitute coordinator. I figured it was better for me to stay home and get as much rest as I can and try to fight this, this... whatever this is. As the day progressed, I felt like such a slug. Things kept racing through my mind of what I should be doing - another load of laundry was waiting for me, dishes in the sick needed cleaned, I had more things to put away in baby Christopher's room... but I kept telling those things that I needed the rest. It was the whole point I stayed home.

But even though I know I did what I needed to do, I still feel like I wasted an entire day. But... if I feel better tomorrow, then I know it was all worth it. I know I already feel better than I did this morning. I just need to make sure that I continue to relax this evening. Have to make sure I feel better by Sunday so we can go show our spirit at Daddy's race... with bells and all!


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Didn't you know that mommy's are not supposed to get sick? ;) You have to get better...I need my cheering section on Sunday and we know that it is all about me...or not.

jay_say said...

Of course... isn't it always about you! But I need some me time. Or how about WE time... I can't believe how much better I feel today. I am trying to save my voice though and some energy. I want to get some of those things done tonight. I put away some of the baby clothes this morning.