Tuesday, January 2, 2007


Well... it's official... it's now 2007. It's going to take some time to remember to write 07 and 06. I was planning on taking the boys to day care and me heading off to the classroom to get lesson plans done. But, as is typical, plans spoiled again. Boys woke up this morning and were a bit crabby so we took things slow. Then it happened... Matt started throwing up. I knew Jon didn't feel well either since all he wanted to do was lay down on the floor - not watch TV, or plat with Thomas trains or anything. We headed downstairs, I fixed them a piece of toast and a cup of water. Jon took one bite of toast and that set him off so he started with the throwing up. They were both just laying on the couch under a blanket. Neither feel like they have fevers so I am just trying to keep fluids in them. Matt has finished all his toast now and Jon prefers the floor instead of the couch. I figure I'll try some applesauce in a little bit and see if that helps (especially Jon).

As I have all my books here at the house, I am going to try to get some things at least organized. Since we have a new Social Studies textbook I have to read the material first then I can figure out how I am going to present the material.

Well... busy day as a mother...


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You're still the best at being MOM. By the time I got home they were looking quite healthy and eating everything that wasn't nailed down...you must be doing something right.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Mrs. Chad,

I just seen ur new blog, welcome U busy MOM...

My younger brother has 2 1/5 year old Twin boys! I seen them over the Holidays, one will go left and the other will go right :-0 ... Tough keeping up with those little buggers--lol

So now I am back home training for my Marathon, which is a lot easier--hehe

Have an AWESOME New YEAR!!