Friday, December 29, 2006

Misc... venting

Ok... here goes... just over six weeks till Christopher's delivery. Luckily I haven't felt the exhaustion you usually feel towards the end. My appetite has seem to calm down a little bit. I don't feel so completely starved mid-afternoon. Today is a different story - when we were at Wal-mart this morning, I had to go back and grab some Pringles. I saw them as we went by and just could not get them out of my head. Guess my body is telling me I needed something with salt.

Boys are down for their nap. I am on the computer - as my husband would say - "AGAIN?" But the sad thing is I have not even started to look at school stuff. I know I will have Tuesday and Wednesday of next week in which I will spend some time in the classroom and the boys will be a day care. I have so much to do - lesson plans for January till at least April, get papers together to send to the office for copies to be made, set up the grade book for third quarter, organize where the extra copies of papers go so the kids have an idea where to find them. I need to make sure my room is ready for another teacher to temporalily take my place while I am on maternity leave. So many things to think about. I didn't think about alot of this stuff the first time around but I think I am a little bit more prepared for this one. I also now have more of a reputation to withhold - Ninety-six percent of my sixth graders last year passed the Arizona AIMs Writing portion of the test - which is totally amazing. I have been working my tail off with this year's group trying to at least attempt getting close to that number (they were only at seventy-five percent when they took it as fifth graders). I have definitely seen improvement in their writing. I just hope it's enough. I hope that I have prepared them for whatever writing prompt they will be assigned (we don't know until the tests are passed out).

Well, guess I should go lay down before munchkins decide to get up early again. Ta ta...

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