Friday, February 16, 2007

Christopher James has entered the world!

Well... he's finally here. Christopher James was
born on Tuesday, february 13th, at 1:23 p.m.,
weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and was
21 inches long.

I had some issues with the anesthesia soon after entering the recovery room. I was so sick for a while then finally the second dose of medicine seemed to kick in and relieved it.

As soon as I started having feeling again, they took me up to my room. Not long after, Christopher was brought to my side. He stayed with us the remainder of the stay. He is absolutely perfect... no breathing issues... hearty little feeder. The first night we had to
wake him up for feedings but this was not the case the second day. He was waking us up.

I couldn't believe how ignored I was from the nursing staff. It was almost as if they figured I had been through it before so I didn't need them. I had to ask them for pain medicine. After the first twenty-four hours, then they were not even that religious about checking my vitals. I had to keep hounding the nurses in order for them to come in the second day to get me unhooked so I could start walking. I finally convinced a nurse to show me how to do it. The lack of attention was so disturbing I more or less told the doctor I was leaving on thursday instead of the typical day three. I just had to go in to the doctor's office today to have my staples removed. I feel so much better to be home. I am doing so much more for myself than the nurses did for me at the hospital. I couldn't believe how nobody but the nurse on the last day even checked ID bands when they gave me medicine or when they assessed the baby. Luckily he was removed from our room only once and that nurse didn't even check when she returned him. I just felt the care was not there for a hospital that has a great reputation. I am definitely planning on letting them know how disappointed I am. I am also going to let my doctor know how I feel.
Anyways... we are all home now - happy and healthy.

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