Monday, August 27, 2007


Ok... I'm doing a real quick update before Chad does... we went to Chicago Title today and signed all the papers... the buyers are signing tomorrow and everything will be finalized by Wednesday. YEA! I can't believe it's finally over. It started to feel a bit weird today that the other house will soon not be ours anymore. So many memories... I know - memories are things that are always with you but still - material things help keep those memories alive. Anyways... life will be so much better in our new house with many memories that will happen here... we can finally start to enjoy it now that money worries and double mortgages will be behind us. :-)


The One and Only Tigger said...

Congrats on signing the papers. In no time you will have a backyard and blinds on the windows.

J~mom said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! That is great news!!! What a relief to put that behind you and now focus on the new house! Congrats!

Can't wait to meet you at I did a Run! I am trying to talk DH into coming but so far no luck. It's a good distance from our house and he is not sure he wants to get the kids up early to drive out there. I will keep working though.