Sunday, October 12, 2008


FINALLY! It was only 74 here yesterday... amazing. The heat actually came on last night since the temp is currently 48 outside. Supposed to be in the 70s again today but then it is going to go back to the normal temp around 90 by midweek. So I guess in a one week period of time, we will go from air conditioning, to heat, back to air conditioning again. LOL!

This week did not start very well. I was on my way to school on Monday when I had a red warning light in my van telling me I had low brake fluid. As my hubby will atest, I fear brake trouble. So I called him trying to convince him to switch cars with me. But he didn't. I made it to school and called the Pontiac service dept. I ended up taking it to them right after school. Within forty five minutes, they had an estimate and a list of things that were wrong. My back brake pads needed replaced. There was a leak of brake fluid into the back cylinders so they were damaged. Plus they found a leak of transmission fluid in the front left axle. So a thousand dollars later, my van is fixed again. I had to leave it over night so luckily Chad was able to leave work early on Monday afternoon to come pick us up. Chad took the boys to school on Tuesday and I received a ride from one of my fellow teachers.

Today, I'm off to the gym. I receive a free assessment from the personal trainers with my membership so we'll see what they say!


teacherwoman said...

I just have to chuckle. You are excited about temps dropping, and here I was bundled up like crazy for my ride yesterday. LOL!

Glad to hear the troubles with the vehicle wasn't worse. It can be a big pain in the rear, especially if you are transporting little ones.

Enjoy your free assessment at the gym. I hope it goes well. I would love to be able do something like that. Let us know how it went!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Yes, cooler temps are so much...well...cooler!