Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today marks one year since my grandmother has passed away. Last November, Jean Genshiemer suffered from a brief but painful illness of MRSA. She was hospitalized immediately as they were unsure of the origin of her pain. Antibiotics were tired but unsuccessful. The illness was at a point where medicine could not help her. Our only option was to make her comfortable.

My grandmother was very important to me. My grandmother was the type of person who always wanted to keep her mind in shape. Every Sunday's newspaper has a crossword puzzle which she would work on. She finished each puzzle almost every time.

I remember growing up, every time I visited her house, she had cookies inside a container in the microwave. I remember once a week, my grandma would thoroughly clean the house - this included wiping down the couch and chairs.

I liked spending the night at their house when I was little. However, when I did this, there was a rocking chair in the sewing room (where the guest bed was) and it had a scary looking face on the top of the chair. I always made them move the chair out of the room while I slept.

I remember a time when I was about ten years old that my brother and I traveled to Niagara Falls with my grandparents. We went up the tower and we started to get into the elevator but not everyone was ready so we decided to wait until the next one came around. However, my brother still got on and the doors started to close. My grandmother reached into the elevator because she didn't want Brian to get stuck in there all by himself. Then later as we were walking down the sidewalk, I was holding her hand and she turned her ankle and started to fall (the grass area next to us was a decline), but I kept hold of her hand and wouldn't let her fall down the hill. She would always say that I saved her that day.

As a teenager growing up, my grandparents lived less than a block away. During this time, as most teenagers do, I had many an argument with my parents. It was nice having my grandmother so close. There were many evenings I went to her house and she helped me talk through things.

I am so grateful that she met all three of her great grandchildren before she passed away. I am so glad that my mother helped them travel out to see me in Arizona several years ago.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

She was such a wonderful person and role model for you.

Marathoner in Training said...

It shows that she still holds a special place in your heart. Happy Thanksgiving to you.