Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Well... it is finally New Year's Eve. It seems like 2008 went by in a flash. When I think of all that happened this year, I'm amazed that I lived through - with only a few gray hairs.

January started with my sixth grade class trip to Lake Pleasant. With Christopher just under a year old, I was worried how daddy would handle all three boys by himself for three days. Luckily mom and my brother came out that week and were able to help. February was celebration time - Christopher's 1st birthday. I love to look back and see all that he can do now that he couldn't do a year ago. May was when we had the boys tested for early entry kindergarten. Their birthday is two days past the cut-off. After we looked at how well or not so well they did, Chad and I decided it would be better if they waited a year. I didn't want them to be the youngest and have to struggle so through school. September was special in that Matthew and Jonathon turned five. October was special since all three boys dressed as super heroes. Matt and Jon loved to get candy and Chris just loved to knock on people's doors. December was filled with saving Christmas ornaments from Chris's destruction and presents galore.

The rest of the year was filled with celebrations, time outs, hair pulling, hitting, hugging, cursing, helping, loving, etc. Here's to a joyous and healthy 2009!

My goals for 2009:

1. Since I already down a dress size, my first goal is to get down one more to a 14!

2. Secondly, try to spend more quality time with the boys - teaching them useful thing

3. I know there are lots more things but I want to set realistic goals... not just goals to make it through each day without murdering someone or something.

Here I am in my size 16's! Woohoo!


J~Mom said...

Happy New Year!! What a great year it was! I agree that it was crazy fast! You look fantastic in your 16s!! WOOHOO!! I think you and I started at the same spot!

Barbara Manatee said...

Congrats on the weight loss already and good luck with getting the rest off that you hope to!

I set my resolutions pretty low this year...1. have a healthy baby! 2. try to survive with 3 lil ones around here and 3. get back to my pre-twin pregnancy weight (I was there last year, but not anymore!)

Happy New Year! (and yes, I'll try to get one more belly pic up before we're through! haha!)

~Mrs Sandy~ said...

I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
Hugs, Sandy

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Looking good, baby!